Audit subsidy and investment loan – Electrolysis installation

Efficient energy use – Part I (EWE I)

On 04.11.2011., PCC Rokita SA concluded subsidy contract for performing energy audit for electrolysis installation. The audit was performed, and the report summarizing the analysis was obtained. As a fundamental indication in the sphere of energy, a recommendation was given to realize investment project up to the full conversion of production technology into membrane technology.

Granted subsidy: PLN 48 300.00 (70% of qualified expenditure value)

Audit completion date: 06-10.2011.

Efficient energy use – – Part II (EWE II)

Another step made under this project was to apply for financing in the form of a preferential loan for realizing investment project, consisting in technology conversion into membrane one. The Company submitted such application, obtained positive project appraisal, and subsequently, the terms of the contract were negotiated. The management board of PCC Rokita SA on 04.07.2012. signed with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw the contract for preferential loan destined for completing the investment project titled:

„Installation of membrane electrolysis”

The subject matter of the project is the construction of membrane electrolysis installation with the object of modernizing the technology of chlorine production and introduction of modern energy-saving technology (the so-called full technology conversion). Completion of the task shall let for the achievement of ecological effect in the form of reduction of final and primary energy consumption.

The full investment cost under the concluded contract is PLN 114 880 000, inclusive of:

  • qualified costs: PLN 109 760 000
  • non-qualified costs: PLN 5 120 000

The loan value is PLN 24 100 000.

The loan contract is in force from 01.07.2012. to 31.03.2017.

The contract no. 505/2012/Wn1/OA-EW-KU/P of 04.07.2012., for obtaining financing in loan form, under the priority programme “Efficient energy use” Part 2) Co-financing of investment projects facilitating energy savings or energy efficiency improvement among enterprises.


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