Latest issue of the “PCC ChemNews” newsletter

Autumn has come, along with the October issue of “PCC ChemNews”. We hope that you enjoy reading the interesting articles created by the editors and employees of the PCC Group companies.

This issue covers not only the latest developments taking place in the PCC Group companies, but also includes materials and reports related to the interests and hobbies of its staff.

In this autumn issue you can read about PCC Autochem, which has recently celebrated its 25th birthday. Another article worth reading tells the story of Henryk Mazur, who has worked for PCC Rokita continuously for 60 years. There are also fascinating poems written by our employees for PCC Intermodal, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary. There is also information given on green chemistry and monochloroacetic acid applications in the food industry.

The newsletter is available in a choice of three languages: Polish, German and English. Although it is published by PCC Rokita SA, it is thanks to the “PCC ChemNews” editorial office that we can enjoy this interesting issue.

Don’t hesitate, read it today!

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