High scores given to the company as a participant in the supply chain of global companies.

PCC EXOL maintained the gold standard of corporate social responsibility awarded by the analysts of the EcoVadis platform. The company was invited to report on the platform as a participant in the supply chain of global companies representing various industries.

The EcoVadis team, which evaluates the reports of more than 75,000 organisations from 160 countries worldwide, has more than 700 experienced experts representing 50 different nationalities. The Gold Standard of CSR is a very important and extremely prestigious distinction, awarded for pro-ecological development and achievements in the areas of environment, employment, fair business practices and the supply chain.

Taking into account the global scale of Ecovadis’ undertaking, PCC EXOL is one of several dozen chemical companies operating internationally, which regularly perform a comprehensive self-assessment as part of their activities for sustainable production and consumption, and social responsibility. Statistics on the platform are tangible proof of our implementation of sustainable development practices, both in developed countries and those which are only at the beginning of their road to stable economic growth. Moreover, the EcoVadis rating is one of the key elements of supplier assessment systems used by companies operating in various sectors around the globe. This is the case of L’Oreal and Oriflame, global manufacturers of cosmetics. Additionally, PCC EXOL, which is qualified as a supplier of cosmetic raw materials on the basis of, for example, the results of assessment carried out by the platform’s experts.

An important fact is that PCC EXOL SA was included in the group of 5%  best rated organisations in the world. Among the market players representing the chemical industry that have maintained the highest EcoVadis rating for years are companies such as: DuPont, Akzo Nobel, Syngenta, Evonic, Saint Gobain, Bayer and BASF.

EcoVadis operates the first platform that enables companies to evaluate counterparties in the supply chain. The platform uses its own technology and a network of several hundred experts to provide simple and reliable corporate social responsibility assessment cards. These cards cover 200 purchasing categories and 21 indicators. EcoVadis facilitates the efforts of companies to mitigate risks and improve innovation and efficiency within their logistics networks. Through the EcoVadis platform, more than 75,000 companies report each year on their activities in the area of corporate social responsibility, in order, for instance, to increase transparency and trust between trading partners.