PCC Group has published its own interactive periodic table!

On 6 March 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev presented the periodic table of elements to the world. The Russian chemist put together all chemical elements known at that time in one table, arranging them according to the atomic mass. He also noticed that their properties repeat periodically.

Today, the Mendeleev periodic table is the foundation of chemical knowledge. Of all methods of presentation of chemical elements, it has gained a great popularity, and it is used in this form all over the world.

It has also inspired the PCC Group that, thanks to the use of modern technology, has prepared its own interactive periodic table of elements.

Apart from the standard arrangement of elements according to Mendeleev, the periodic table allows you to see the atomic model of each element in the 3D technology.

The new interactive tool published by the chemical producer is a great educational aid for all students who explore the world of chemistry. You can find it in the “Chemical Academy” section at the PCC Group Product Portal, in the “Knowledge Base” tab.

We hope you enjoy it!

*By publishing the interactive periodic table as a tool for educating children and young people, we pursue the Sustainable Development Goal 4 of the UN 2030 Agenda – “Quality Education”.