PCC Group presents first virtual cosmetics showroom

The multimedia cosmetics showroom, recently made available on the PCC Group Product Portal, is a new multimedia tool presenting a range of proposals for the use of surfactants produced at PCC EXOL SA company installations.

The new tool is dedicated to cosmetics manufacturers, mainly in the personal care product group.

The journey through the virtual space is easy and intuitive. When you enter individual sections, you can read and download different types of material related to the use of surfactants in various cosmetics groups.

The new multimedia tool presents selected proposals for cosmetic formulations containing raw materials produced in the PCC Group. However, cosmetics manufacturers have the option of using the company’s extensive formulations book, which contains more than 100 proposals for different types of formulae based on PCC EXOL SA surfactants.

The cosmetics showroom is the first of the series of multimedia projects by the PCC Group. Soon, the manufacturer plans to implement further “virtual spaces” dedicated to customers operating in a variety of industrial sectors.

SEE PCC VIRTUAL SHOWROOM (please use a browser other than Internet Explorer)