PCC Rokita Group with very good half-year results

PCC Rokita, a chemical joint-stock company, has announced very good results for the first six months of 2018. These were mostly driven by the outcomes reached by Chlorine Derivatives being one of the company’s principal business lines. The Group earned a very high profit, which both refers to the EBITDA, which reached PLN 155.7 million (+30.6% IH17/IH18), and the net profit amounting to PLN 108.1 million (+43.7% IH17/IH18). Gross margin on the Group sales in the first half of 2018 reached 29.5%.

This was mainly supported by the results attained by one of the Group’s two principal business lines – Chlorine Derivatives. The growth was derived from high margins and sales volume, which was possible thanks to such factors as favourable market condition and high prices of alkalis. The segment recorded a growth in EBITDA by over 82% compared to the first half of 2017.

Business diversity is a significant component of our long-proven strategy, plus now the condition of the chlorine alkali market is very good, says Wiesław Klimkowski, President of the Board at PCC Rokita SA. – Another key part of our strategy are the investments. We increase the production capacity of our plants, explore the potential of new, niche markets, and consistently extend our product range, Klimkowski adds.

The company implements projects which expand the production capacity in Chlorine Derivatives. In addition, we notice the growth potential shown by Asia. Since 2015 PCC Rokita has been present in Thailand. The next step to increase the company activity in that part of the world was to acquire in 2018 further shares in IRPC Polyol, a Thai manufacturing company. Presently PCC Rokita holds 50% of its shares.

Additionally, PCC Rokita regularly distributes its profit to shareholders. The dividend paid for the last year was the highest since the company had entered the capital market, amounting to PLN 8.31 per share. This is one of the highest rates of dividend paid out by public companies in Poland. Since our shares were initially offered on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the total dividends paid out amount to nearly PLN 24 per share, says Rafał Zdon, Vice-President of the Board at PCC Rokita. – During the IPO, the selling price of our shares grew to PLN 33 per share. So the dividends paid since that time represent over 70% of that price. The current rate is around PLN 100, Zdon adds.

PCC Rokita together with PCC EXOL regularly arrange the annual Investor Day. It is a meeting held with the company’s executives in Brzeg Dolny Industrial Park. It is an opportunity to talk face to face to the company representatives and the best way to directly learn more about the company. On 22 September 2018 the Investors will have an occasion not only to talk to the persons engaged in day-to-day operations of the company, but also to see in person the development of Brzeg Dolny Industrial Park. The company’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The enterprise is quoted on sWIG80, WIG-chemicals, WIGdiv and the prestigious Respect Index, which gathers companies that are managed in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.