PCC Rokita will introduce innovations improving, among other things, the comfort of sleep

Innovations in polyurethane production

PCC Rokita will soon launch other innovative products from the polyurethanes segment. The company’s experts are currently working intensively on specialised polyols for the production of flexible polyurethane foams.

This project will develop modern raw materials for the production of high-quality mattresses. Innovative polyols will make it possible, for example, to produce lightweight and resilient memory foam. An additional advantage of these foams will be an increased level of ventilation and cooling capacity. Mattresses made from this type of polyurethane foam will provide excellent sleeping and resting comfort. Improving the comfort of sleep is also connected here with the elimination of volatile organic compounds present in components for the production of mattresses – says Wiesław Klimkowski, President of the Management Board of PCC Rokita.

The innovative and environmentally friendly raw materials and additives for the polyurethane industry that the company is working on will be produced, among other things, from raw materials of natural origin.

Another application area developed very dynamically at PCC Rokita is polyalkylene glycols for the production of lubricants.

We are currently conducting application research in the area of new synthetic base oils used, among others, in the production of hydraulic fluids and industrial oils used in gearboxes, compressors, processing and process fluids – informs Rafał Zdon, vice-president of the company’s management board. 

In addition, we continue implementation work in the area of polyester polyols dedicated to the construction industry. These are raw materials and additives for the production of polyurethane sandwich panels and one-component assembly foams. Here, too, we focus on quality and innovation – adds Rafał Zdon.

Experts from PCC Rokita’s R&D department are also conducting projects related to the development of modern polyurethane systems and prepolymers. Polyurethane systems are used as insulation in construction work and other industrial applications. The ongoing research aims to reduce the thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) and effective flame retardancy. The new products launched by the company will help manufacturers of construction products to introduce new products that will contribute to the development of eco-construction (e.g. development of passive construction).

PCC Rokita R&D Departments have specialised laboratories at their disposal, equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus to perform chemical syntheses on a laboratory and semi-technical scale. The company has a modern pilot plant for scaling up production processes. In addition, tests of developed new products in the context of the end-user are carried out in application laboratories. This makes it possible to simulate the manufacture of mattresses, insulation materials and the production of other polyurethane materials under laboratory conditions. In addition, modern analytical laboratories allow the parameters and properties of the chemical products obtained to be accurately analysed.

PCC Rokita is a manufacturer of specialized chemical products and industrial formulations. It is one of the leading chemical companies in Poland and Europe. Since 2011 PCC Rokita has been the issuer of corporate bonds that are present on the regulated market of the Stock Exchange – Catalyst. Since 2014 the shares have been present on the regulated market of the Stock Exchange. PCC Rokita is a company operating within the international PCC concern headed by the PCC European Company with its head office in Duisburg. The PCC Group is expanding internationally in the Chemical, Energy and Logistics divisions and currently employs around 3,300 people in 18 countries.