The product portal one of the best websites on google

The PCC Group Product Portal, managed by PCC Rokita SA, is one of the leading chemical websites on the global Internet today.

The Portal shows up for 710,000 different search terms in searches not supported by paid ads. What is more, the PCC Group’s search engine statistics are improving practically from month to month, while the year-on-year comparative data show more than 300% growth in online visibility.

The PCC website generates very high traffic from both the Polish and international markets. It is brilliantly expanded thematically, which contributes to the high quality and level of information provided to the users.

In the first half of this year, the PCC Group Product Portal was recognised by Google for its excellent performance in the number of user hits from the web. Thus, it was recognised as one of the best online sources of information.

These excellent results, confirmed by Google Analytics, place the PCC Group Product Portal among the best and most interesting chemical websites in Europe and the world.

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