We are developing the PCC Group’s Product Portal! – New functionality to aggregate products by CAS number

The CAS number is a specific designation assigned to chemical substances by the American Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The individually assigned numbers allow substances to be unambiguously identified. It is one of the most widely used methods for identifying chemicals worldwide. Currently, the Internet contains various databases where a CAS number can be used to find the name, structure and/or formula of a chemical substance.

The vast majority of products offered by our companies are also marked with CAS numbers. Therefore, we have introduced a new, useful functionality on the PCC Groups Product Portal, in the form of a website that aggregates products according to the popular CAS classification. A specialised database has been built within it,where we have collected all CAS numbers assigned to our chemical products. Each entry provides basic information on the chemical compound. For most of the items, we can also check their structural formula. Thanks to the CAS numbers search engine, users of our Product Portal can easily identify the chemical substances they are currently looking for.

For the curious

In the past, chemical substances were identified mainly by means of synonyms. However, this method was not efficient enough because the names were constructed according to regional conventions which referred to structure, origin or chemical formulae. Therefore, substances that we know well may have many historical, generic or trade names.

CAS numbers were created with simplicity and regularity in mind, so that they are easily searchable in databases. CAS classification is therefore a reliable international tool for identifying chemicals, where individual numbers are assigned to specific substances. Numerical identification is a very useful system for labelling chemical products, especially as their names operate in a variety of nomenclatures and disciplines recognised by science, industry and also regulatory bodies.