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PCC SE Platform for Purchase of Transport Services

To whom it may concern,

The Purchase of Transport Services within the PCC SE Group is carried out with a dedicated electronic platform. From obtaining bids to final orders, this is the primary support tool for transport processes.
All active cooperation between PCC entities and transport services providers is supported by this electronic tool.

The new tool means an end to queries and bids collection on paper, by fax, e-mail or telephone. The whole process will now be carried out electronically, providing complete confidentiality, transparency and the highest standards of cooperation and data transfer security.

After registration and positive verification, suppliers interested to provide transport services to PCC SE entities will be able to participate in the bidding for the provision of these services, which mainly include the following:

  • Road transport of neutral and hazardous loads in tank trucks, dump trucks and normal trucks
  • Rail transport of neutral and hazardous loads in tank wagons, container and bulk cargo wagons
  • Sea transport
  • Courier services

The platform fully reflects our company’s goals of efficiency and modern solutions at every stage of the management process.

Starting today you can become our supplier of transport services – visit our platform!