A colourful world of paint: The PCC Group’s new virtual studio

Historians report that the first synthetic pigment was obtained in 1856 by William Perkin. His invention, the purple mauveine, was the result of a reaction involving the main impurity present in aniline. The dye was derived purely by accident, as it was created as a by-product during an attempt to synthesise quinine. Thus, Mr Perkin turned out to be a very lucky man. The discovery he made brought him a huge fortune and sparked the rapid development of the dye industry. Today we can enjoy a myriad of colours of paints and varnishes the ingredients for which are offered by the PCC Group production companies.

Thanks to the raw materials and chemical additives produced at our facilities, paint and coating manufacturers are able offer their customers a huge variety of colours, professional decorative solutions, and industrial coatings.

To better introduce the PCC Group’s products and services for the paints and varnishes industry, a dedicated showroom has been created in the form of a multimedia gallery, which you can visit now using a phone, tablet or computer. Here you will find both ready-made formulas for paints and varnishes, as well as suggestions and descriptions of the chemical raw materials included in the composition of various paint formulations.

Welcome to the virtual space of the PCC Group!