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Management Systems

Introductory information

Conducting operations related to design, production and sale of organic and inorganic chemistry products which are components or aids for many branches of industry, we continuously maintain the best possible and unchanging standard of offered chemical products. Reliability of technical parameters and properties of our products are guaranteed due to many laboratory tests whose results have been documented in Product Specification Sheets. These documents, created jointly by engineers, chemists and technicians, contain standard specifications of each product manufactured by PCC Rokita SA. Our sales representatives, offering products manufactured by PCC Rokita SA, refer to standards included in those Sheets.

Since our operations are conducted in full compliance with legal and other requirements, including environmental requirements, the design, production and sale of large volumes of specialist, often unique, chemical products for further processing requires coordinated cooperation of many services at the Company’s disposal. And here the certified quality management system, used continuously since 2000 in PCC Rokita SA, and environmental management system, implemented in 2001, prove very useful. These are two systems, currently integrated, which enable our employees to be aware of their roles in reaching quality and environmental targets. They know that in the end, carrying out their tasks in accordance with procedures applicable to their positions and other internal regulations, they provide our clients with exactly what they expect from us, acting in conditions of reasonable and legal usage of the environment.

Obtained certificates of the quality management system and environmental management system which we present on our website are important as they confirm our competences within quality and environmental management; however, the only thing that really counts is how we can secure the interests of our clients, and the quality management system in use in PCC Rokita SA, supported with the environmental management system, provides us with a lot of tools aiding us in reaching this goal.

PCC Rokita SA Management Representative for Integrated Management Systems.