A golden year for the PCC Group Product Portal!

2022 was a GOLDEN YEAR for the PCC Product Portal. The product platform presenting the offer of chemical companies that are part of the Group received a gold badge from Google as many as 4 times for its excellent performance in terms of the number of user visits from the web. Thus, it was recognised as one of the best online information sources four times in one year. Google recognised our Portal with a gold badge in April, May, June, and September of last year.

In the past period, the PCC Group Product Portal achieved an absolute record number of visits. Nearly 3,500,000 users visited the site. What’s more, this result is higher than the total number of Portal visits in all the previous years!

It’s also worth mentioning that Internet users reach the PCC Group Product Portal most often via the BLOG which in 2022 generated more than 2,500,000 visits from users living in 231 regions of the world. They speak 700 languages and dialects.

These and other statistics about the PCC Group’s modern product platform can be found in the attached infographic.

We hope you enjoy it!