Another Showroom from the PCC Group, or bleeding wheel and other products for the Auto Care industry!

Car aficionados are well aware that the bleeding wheel is an effect caused by a chemical cleaning agent for car wheels, where dirt, dust, and deposits from brake pads are found.

You can find out about the composition of this and other vehicle wash and care products by travelling through the PCC Group’s new virtual studio dedicated specifically to the Auto Care industry.

By clicking on the flashing dots placed on the individual vehicles, you can learn about various types of car washing products and cosmetics, containing raw materials and additives produced by PCC EXOL SA: a producer of surfacants and formulations for the industry.

These products include, among others, surface active agents for washing and cleaning properties, wetting agents, foaming agents, complexing agents, as well as anti-static agents, solubilisers, emulsifiers, foam stabilisers, and many others.

Our product range is constantly expanded, so over time, we will have more and more products for the automotive industry. Soon they will be available in the PCC Group’s new multimedia tool.

Join us now!