Chemical alphabet of the PCC GROUP – products and raw materials from A to Z!

The name “alphabet” comes from the first 2 letters of the Greek alphabet – “alpha” and “beta”? The Greek script was called the “alphabet”, hence the name also spread to the Latin script.

Thanks to the alphabet, we can effectively organize various data, names or sets. The order of the letters in the alphabet affects the alphabetical order of the information being sorted.

Currently, the PCC Group Product Portal offers a new functionality consisting in searching for products of our companies in alphabetical order.

The chemical names of the offered raw materials, additives or industrial formulations have been arranged according to the order of the letters in the alphabet.

The chemical alphabet of the PCC Group is a solution that takes into account the special preferences of our platform users.

In addition to the recently published alphabetical list, our users can search for products by CAS number, INCI name, industry and application, function, chemical structure and business segment. It is also possible to generate a list of products manufactured by individual companies and units operating within the PCC Group.

Please see the alphabetical list of chemical names!