“Chemical industry in Poland – position, challenges, prospects” – report PIPC

From year to year, the chemical industry in Poland is recording growing interest as a key branch for development of the entire economy. The changing economic, social and political situation determines many new challenges for the chemical industry, but also opens a window to new perspectives. The PCC Group, as one of the leading producers operating in the chemical market, follows these changes by implementing modern technologies and undertaking further investments.

What has happened in Polish Chemistry in 2021? How is the transformation of the chemical industry progressing and how to interpret the indicators recorded in 2022?

Answers to these questions can be found in the report ‘Chemical industry in Poland – position, challenges, prospects’, published by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.

This publication allows us to understand the changes taking place and encourages us to jointly search for and develop solutions that will support the further development of the Polish Chemistry.

We invite you to read the publication!