Energy island – with the assistance of PZU

Construction of energy island on PCC Rokita SA grounds in Brzeg Dolny (Stage II)

Development of partial teleinformatic infrastructure destined for the emergency power supply system – execution of the connections of light pipe and infrastructure on the route: EC-2, G-22, U-30, F-3.

During the time period spanning June 2011 – May 2012 the task consisting in the construction of energy island (Stage II) was in process. That task was fully financed by the PZU S.A. Prevention Fund under the prevention contract no. PW/24/2011 of 10.06.2011. The factual net cost of the investment project totaled PLN 297,900.00.

In brief, the Energy Island is a system of operation of power network based on specialist software installed in computer station, which is connected with all switching stations in the network by means of light pipe network. All connected switching stations are provided with supplementary advanced automation systems, analysers, protection mechanisms, etc. The software prior to activation must be appropriately configured to the existing network in consideration of the power generated by the Turbine set and suitably configured power systems, which in case of power failure shall switch pre-defined circuits off.

Energy Island is used only in cases of complete, and not a short-term, electric power failure on the part of power supplier.

The has been financed out of the PZU S.A. Prevention Fund