#fluidforstaff – PCC group resumes the campaign for COVID-19 prevention.

To continue the actions related to the prevention of COVID-19, the PCC Group has resumed the #fluidforstaff campaign. On specific days, each employee of the companies located in the PCC Industrial Park in Brzeg Dolny can pick up a set of ROKO® PROFESSIONAL ANTI-VIRUS+ disinfectant liquids with convenient applicators.

The campaign takes place over 23 – 24 October 2020 and resumes for the period 27 October – 3 November 2020. Disinfectants are always distributed on site. All employees are entitled to a disinfection kit, including those working at home, in quarantine, on sick leave or on holiday. Requests for collection at a more convenient time will be accepted.

We try to support our employees with this action during these difficult times of the pandemic. It also acts to remind us that it is vital to wash and disinfect our hands frequently and strictly adhere to other applicable COVID-19 preventative measures.

#fluidforstaff – we care about our safety!