In the quest for energy efficiency…. subsidies for audits

Efficient energy use – Part I (EWE I)

For the chemical sector, electric and thermal energy consumption is a very significant item in the cost structure of the business. Therefore, the Company has taken steps in order to optimize energy consumption as well as the manner of energy production. One of the indispensable elements for making changes in the right directions is the verification of the existing state of affairs and consideration of various alternative solutions. A solution for such diagnosis is to perform energy audit … or even a few of them- for the individual, selected areas and/or technological processes.

We have filed three such applications for subsidies for energy audit:

1. audit of technological process of chlorine and soda lye production. This audit has led us to conclusions that technological conversion is necessary. For details on that project, go to: here

2. audit of thermal-electric power station in the scope of the improving the efficiency of energy generation (possible modernization alternatives)

3. audit of existing heat distribution network and consideration of possible alternatives for using steam condensate

All applications have been accepted and there have been concluded contracts for subsidies under the programme Efficient Energy Use (part I).