PCC Rokita amongst top Polish enterprises

PCC Rokita is among the winners of the ‘21st edition of List 500’, which is a list of leading Polish enterprises. ‘Rzeczpospolita’, a major Polish daily, has awarded the most rapidly growing companies in Poland. The list covers 500 companies but only 10 of them have been awarded, including PCC Rokita, which was distinguished in the INVESTMENT category.

The official award was held at the ‘30 Years of Polish Entrepreneurship’ congress, organised by Rzeczpospolita at the seat of Warsaw Stock Exchange. The ceremony was under auspices of the Ministry of Investment and Development and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

PCC Rokita is also amongst the winners of the Company of the Thirty Years prize awarded by Gazeta Wyborcza, another major newspaper. The ‘First Prizes of Gazeta Wyborcza’ were given to the best companies in Lower Silesia.

The editorial distinguished 30 companies which in the last 30 years had a significant impact on the development of our region and represent economic success.

The prizes were officially awarded at the conference titled ‘30 Years of Transformation in Lower Silesia’, which was held at Wrocław Technology Park. The guests discussed about Lower Silesian companies were beginning their business, where they are now and how they managed to succeed.