PCC Rokita Group with impressive profit for 2018

PCC Rokita Group gained a record-breaking consolidated profit for 2018. The consolidated EBITDA reached PLN 341 million (+28% YOY) with a net profit at PLN 227 million (+24% YOY). Gross margin on the Group sales in 2018 exceeded 30%.

Such impressive numbers were mostly due to the results achieved by Chlorine Derivatives. The growth concerns both the quantity of products offered in the segment and the margins on sales. This was an effect of favourable economic conditions on the chlorine alkali market and the increased production capacity. The Chlorine Derivatives segment worked out a historic EBITDA being 78% higher than in 2017. Also in Polyurethanes, despite the challenging market environment, the sales grew by 7% year over year. The segment had to face both high prices of raw materials and a high product supply on the market. A vast majority of the sales was represented by specialised products. Besides, Other Chemical Activities recorded a 28% growth of EBITDA (YOY), which is mostly due to historically high revenues and margins. The segment continuously strives to increase the sales of specialised products.

Last year the chlorine alkalis had a very good market condition, says Wiesław Klimkowski, President of the Board at PCC Rokita. – Besides, one of the key elements in our strategy is to consistently carry out all investments. In 2018, in our Chlorine Derivatives segment we were regularly increasing our production capacity in electrolysis. The elimination of bottlenecks in our manufacturing process will further increment production capacity in this field, Klimkowski adds.

The company’s shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. They are also traded at sWIG80, WIG-chemicals, WIGdiv and the prestigious Respect Index.

While implementing our business strategy, we also aim to create balance between business profitability, a broadly defined public interest and responsible management, says Rafał Zdon, Vice-President of the Board at PCC Rokita. – For another year in a row PCC Rokita shares were qualified for the prestigious RESPECT Index, which gathers only 31 out of nearly 500 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company has participated in that index since 2016, adds Zdon.