Record-breaking attendance at the Investor Day of public chemical companies. PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL were visited by almost 300 guests

The 6th edition of the Investor Day of PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL was held in the industrial climate of the plants located in Brzeg Dolny Chemical Park. The public companies PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL could yet again boast with record attendance. The event was participated by nearly 300 guests. This shows a high interest by investors in the companies’ business profile or strategy of further development.

At the meeting the hosts underlined the important role of investment in the chemical industry, its major impact on economic growth, and the improving position of Poland, which aspires to join the group of developed countries.

It is difficult to have a developed economy without a strong chemical sector. Owing to well-targeted investments in the industry, the gap separating Poland from the developed countries is being rapidly bridged, although it is still a long way to go”, said Wiesław Klimkowski, President of the Board at PCC Rokita.

An interesting point of the meeting with investors was the presentation of changes in the Group companies’ infrastructure, which added to their success achieved in the last years. The hosts also presented the companies’ business profiles and raised the issues of safety, which is particularly important given the specific nature of chemical business.

A standing item of the Investor Day at PCC is the trip around the chemicals production plants, when the guests can see, for example, the projects being carried out. The investors who visited Brzeg Dolny Chemical Park for the second time must certainly have noticed the changes occurring on the premises of PCC Group.

It should be noted that the projects cover not only production plants but also the expansion and modernisation of production-related infrastructure. For the last 12 years, only this area alone was allocated around PLN 170 million in investments, a half of which was spent in 5 years.

“Investment and innovation are the most important factors that foster dynamic growth of the chemical sector. Advanced technologies, increasing expenditure on R&D and infrastructure, and dynamically growing production capacity in the chemical industry are a proof that there is still plenty of space for further investments, both in Poland and in Europe. This is confirmed by the fact that the chemical sector is increasingly attractive to investors”, said Rafał Zdon, Vice-President of the Board at PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL.

Regular meetings on the Investor Day at Brzeg Dolny Chemical Park is not only an opportunity to learn about the companies but also a great occasion to talk to their executives. They also serve as a platform for exchanging experience between the investors. Both PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL pay a great attention to building long-lasting relationships with their investors, based on reliable communication, openness and transparency.

PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL have carried out over 20 public issues of bonds worth approx. PLN 0.5 billion. The bonds already redeemed are worth PLN 110 million. It should be mentioned that PCC Rokita is an undisputed pioneer on the Polish retail bond market – the company has been issuing them for 7 years now. PCC EXOL joined the group of bond issuers some time later, in 2016.

We should mention that both PCC Rokita and PCC EXOL regularly pay dividend to their investors. They also implement further projects, introduce new products and increase sales.