The PCC Group – Chemistry That Supports Green Technologies!

Did you know that the Internet uses more electricity annually than all of Russia? Every year, the global network emits 300 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.Its emissions from server rooms alone increase on average by 10% every year. If the Internet were a country, it would be the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world! The internet is also uncountable miles of cables, servers, and data transmission equipment, which severely contaminate the environment as waste once their lifecycle runs its course.

It turns out that an effective way of limiting the Internet’s impact on the environment is, for example, fibre optic technologies. Thanks to the proliferation of optical fibres, we can greatly increase transmission ranges compared to traditional technologies. This allows us to decommission a lot of equipment, which reduces waste, saves energy, and greatly curtails greenhouse gas emissions.

However, optical fibre production requires a number of specialist chemicals. One of the crucial substances is SILICON TETRACHLORIDE, which the PCC Group has just added to its product range! This new product of PCC Rokita will be available to customers in two variants. One is technical-grade silicon tetrachloride, used as an intermediate product in the production of metallurgical-grade silicon, silica, and other silicon-based substances. The other variant is 6N silicon tetrachloride with a unique purity of 99.9999%, which makes it a material desired in photovoltaics and the aforementioned production of optical fibres.

Both products will be manufactured on the basis of raw materials produced on the production installations of the PCC Group companies.

Go green with PCC!