Green education

“A Tree for a Bottle”

“A Tree for a Bottle”® is a campaign initiated in 2003 by chemical companies participating in the Responsible Care Programme. The idea behind the campaign is active care of the environment consisting in collection of unnecessary PET plastic bottles littering our environment.

The project is open to all Programme organizers and local communities from towns and cities where the companies operate. The Company-Organiser announces a competition for kindergarten or school classes and (or) groups. In exchange for the bottles collected, which are subsequently recycled, the kindergarten and school pupils taking part in the campaign receive saplings. They plant them in places of their choice in their towns and cities this way not only improving the appearance of their environment but also proving their commitment to protection of the natural environment.
Campaign participants and winners can take part in numerous attractions such as local green festivities and picnics, and win awards such as excursions.

“A Tree for a Bottle”® campaign combines green education, social activity, care of the natural environment and the gmina. It is also a common platform integrating Responsible Care Programme organisers, educational institutions, local government authorities, media as well as children and their families in creating something valuable for future generations.
During the previous nine editions of “A Tree for A Bottle”® campaign, children from all over Poland collected over 13 million bottles and planted 18,5 thousand trees.

“Catch a Hare”

„Catch a Hare” is a photo competition organised by the Responsible Care Programme Secretariat, which consists in “catching” with any camera some interesting examples of the Polish flora and fauna. The competition is addressed to all employees of companies participating in the Programme. It aims at integrating employees of companies participating in the Programme so that they work towards a common goal which is environmental protection. The competition is divided into two stages: a local and a national one. On the local level, the Programme is organised by PCC Rokita SA – the RC Programme organiser, while the national level is organised by the Responsible Care Programme Secretariat.