Responsible Care

The Responsible Care Programme, initiated in Canada in 1984, aims at making chemical companies all over the world voluntarily take environmentally friendly actions and follow regulations regarding the quality of goods and limiting emission of hazardous substances.

A company itself determines the improvement programme and the pace of implementing it, depending on its situation as well as financial and organisational possibilities. The Programme is open to all chemical companies, irrespective of their size and environmental impact. The only condition is making a public declaration on “continuous improvement” and demonstrating compliance with this obligation.
The Programme logo used in publicity materials, reports and statements means that one of Company’s top priorities are health, safety and environmental protection within the company and its immediate vicinity, i.e. they are just as important as manufacturing and financial results.

As a signatory to the Responsible Care Programme, PCC Rokita SA carries out a number of projects within the following areas:

  • Job security
  • Health protection and prevention
  • Process safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Product Management
  • Distribution
  • Preparation for emergency situations

Pobierz PCC Rokita certificate (486.6 kb)

Pobierz Responsible Care Policy (227.0 kb)