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Process and fire safety

Information on security measures

PCC Rokita SA, due to the large volume of hazardous material on its premises, has qualified for the group of facilities with a great risk of major industrial incidents.
PCC Rokita SA has reported the facility to the Chief of the State Fire Service for Lower Silesia and the Voivodeship Environmental Protection Inspector in Wrocław.

In order to minimize the risk of an industrial incident and mitigate its possible effects, PCC Rokita SA has implemented a security system.

PCC Rokita prevents incidents and combats the effects of industrial incidents that may occur on its premises with the Security System it has implemented.

The system of factors which minimize the probability of an industrial incident and should mitigate the effects of a possible incident include:
§ precise assignment of employees’ duties regarding actions to be taken in the case of an incident, at all organizational levels
§ system of training and increasing awareness among employees
§ operational inspection and monitoring of installation performance
§ change management system
§ technical means to control processes and prevent incidents

PCC Rokita SA uses and manufactures hazardous chemical substances, including e.g.: chlorine, oxygen, propylene, propylene and ethylene oxides or hydrogen. Such substances may pose hazards to health (toxic, carcinogenic, harmful, caustic properties), fire hazards (explosive, inflammatory or oxidizing properties) and/or hazards to the environment. Within the area of the PCC Rokita SA facility other hazardous chemical substances posing a lesser degree of risk are used and manufactured.

If a hazardous substance is released from a technological installation, an industrial incident may occur. Such incidents may involve an emission, explosion or fire.

Once a technological installation experiences a leak and a chemical substance is released into the environment, a gas cloud may spread, posing a toxicological hazard to people and the environment. The gas cloud will move with the direction of the wind; the concentration of the substance in the air will decrease proportionally to the distance from the source of emission. Negative effects of toxic gases emissions may be experienced at very large distances from the facility, even several kilometers away.

If inflammable substances are released from technological installations, a fire may occur, posing a hazard to people and exerting a negative influence on the environment due to heat radiation and emission of fire gases. The impact of a fire is usually local and limited to the facility.

If inflammable substances are released from technological installations, a gas cloud may form and spread in concentrations within the parameters of explosiveness. If the cloud meets an effective source of ignition, an explosion may follow. As a result of such an explosion, a high-pressure wave spreads in all directions. The impact of the wave decreases in proportion to the distance from the site of explosion. Effects of explosions are experienced mainly in the immediate vicinity of the explosion site, but they can also be heard and can cause some damage at greater distances from the facility.
If a major industrial incident occurs, with potential effects outside the facility, crisis management procedures will be implemented. Methods of alerting people and instructions to follow have been specified in the Instructions for People in the Case of a Chemical Hazard.
In order to effectively prevent industrial incidents and perform possible rescue actions, an internal and external emergency plan has been developed. The internal emergency plan describes actions to be taken by the facility services, including the Site Emergency Service, at the facility.
The external emergency plan describes actions to be taken by units of the National Emergency and Fire System, including the State Fire Service.

The plan is available at the website of the Voivodeship Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wrocław, at the web address:

All additional information on safety, including instructions to follow in the case of an industrial incident at PCC Rokita SA, is available at the Safety and Prevention Office of PCC Rokita SA.