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Health and Safety

Compendium on health and safety

If additional documents are not available, the Work Coordinator should be consulted.
The documents presented above are up-to-date, revision date 17.01.2024.

Pobierz Appendix no. 1 Z2021_03 on the implementation of the basic requirements of the security system in force (1.5 mb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 2 The procedure in the case of a serious industrial failure and other production failures and non production incidents on the premises of the PCC Group (543.1 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 3 Basic principles of safe organization of work on devices, installations and networks (282.1 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 4 Instructions for conducting earthworks (146.5 kb)

Pobierz PBP.00.02.F02 One-day earthworks permit for PCC Groups companies (23.5 kb)

Pobierz PBP.00.02.F02 One-day earthworks permit for PCC Groups companies (86.9 kb)

Pobierz PBP.00.02.F03 Local admission for earthworks (179.9 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 5 Instruction on safe organization of repair, modernization, construction and investment works on the premises of pcc capital group companies in Brzeg Dolny (307.0 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F01 Authorization to perform fire hazardous work (81.7 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F02 Authorization to perform especially hazardous work (172.5 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F03 Report of transfer for renovation, modernisaton, bulding site (40.5 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F04 Works logbook (137.3 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F05 Report of transfer for mechanicaltechnological start-up (33.7 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F06 Statement of ackonwledgement of The security information compedium for external companies working on the premises (45.3 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F07 Register of notified scaffoldings (31.7 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F08 Register of hot works permits (40.5 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F09 Premit to use a road, road lanetrack, railway gauge (74.9 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F10 Occupational safety analysis Module A (38.8 kb)

Pobierz PZB.00.01.F11 Occupational safety analysis Module B (38.1 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 6 Fire safety instruction for welding works (183.1 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 7 Instruction for safe work at height, work on ladders and scaffolding (691.5 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 8 Firefighting instructions (118.0 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no. 9 Rules of the Safe Card programme (165.3 kb)

Pobierz Appendix no.10 First premedical aid instruction (828.8 kb)

Dear Sirs and Madams,
to ensure the highest safety standards for people staying on the premises of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny (the Plant premises), from 3 January 2022, before entering the Plant premises, each Visitor, Client, Driver and Contractor (e.g. Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier, etc.) will be required to familiarise themselves with the existing hazards and rules of conduct during their stay on the Plant premises, including the rules of conduct in case of an accident or emergency. The information can be accessed online at your convenience (link to the information: or via info kiosks located in the pass office (building X-7).
You will be required to pass a test to gain access to the premises.

Access to the information via QR code