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PCC Rokita SA has many years of experience in the transport of dangerous goods, ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards. The Technical Safety Team, which includes advisers for safety in the transport of dangerous goods who are also authorized in the fields of road, rail, sea and air transport, ensure compliance with the developed practices. This forms a solid foundation for the entire operation, including the other companies within the PCC Group. The standards that help shape the quality of the team’s work are under constant development, which means they are open to new ideas and strive to improve the existing rules. Such a philosophy is the only way to ensure competitiveness and to prepare sufficiently to meet changing market needs, and especially to maintain the highest levels of safety. The professional supervision of shipments of dangerous goods, whether domestic or to the furthest parts of the world, results in trust and satisfaction among the contractors and reduces the risks associated with logistic operations to an absolute minimum. This is confirmed by the lack of serious incidents in the transport of dangerous goods, which also obliges us to continue with our chosen philosophy.

Professionalism, versatility and the achievement of high levels of quality in the team’s work obliges us to look for new paths of development, build the greatest possible awareness of the people employed in our facilities, analyse the possible risks and constantly strive to minimise potentially dangerous situations.