Reach at PCC Rokita


At PCC Rokita SA, we have closely followed all preparatory stages for the implementation of REACH Regulation from the very beginning.
A REACH Team was appointed. The team specializes in collection of materials, preparation of breakdowns of our products, searching for novelties and collection of information inside the company. We take part in conferences, meetings and training sessions; our company provides information, distributes questionnaires and conducts polls.


Pre-registration began on 1 June 2008 and terminated on 1 December 2008. We assure you, as our suppliers and customers, that PCC Rokita SA complied with pre-registration obligation and we assure you that we will register the relevant substances within the required timeframes in accordance with the REACH schedule. We are aware that non-registered substances may not be placed on the market. We are in constant contact with our customers and suppliers, we will not allow unnecessary interruptions in the production process, substance delivery or market placement.

Our obligations

We are aware that we, as a manufacturer, are obliged to assess the risks posed by the use of the substance and ensure that such risks may be controlled and managed appropriately. We are also responsible for collection of information required to assess the risk, which in many cases, will mean the need for substance testing. We will assess the risks only for products which are declared hazardous and for substances specified in the safety data sheets.


At PCC Rokita SA, we take the following actions addressing REACH implementation:
  • we co-operate with our suppliers to ensure pre-registration of the substances we distribute,
  • we register the substances we manufacture or import,
  • we check our products for particular substances they contain in accordance with the requirements of REACH Regulation
  • we co-operate with our customers in order to provide for the widest range of product applications so that each application is included in the registration dossier.
PCC Rokita SA, similarly to the majority of chemical companies, is a member of consortia.

We actively participate in Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF).

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